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De, Here is a picture of my makeup on my wedding day!!

I have an allergy to the ingredient bismuth Oxychloride, so it was lucky that I came across your website. I'm so grateful for your products, I always had a nightmare with my skin, and there's nothing on the market here (In Ireland) to cater for it. My worst experience was when I was chief bridesmaid for my cousins wedding. Her makeup artist used mineral foundation on us for the pre-trial, which was 1 week earlier. I had a terrible reaction years earlier to sheer cover and I explained this to her. She promised me that her products were 100% natural, that there was no way I would or could have a reaction. I started to doubt myself and agreed to try the makeup. BIG mistake. It took 2 days for the pinprick like rash to develop on my face and neck, and another 3 for it to clear sufficiently. The worst part for me wasn't the bumpy rash on my skin, but the awful lethargy that followed as my system tried to repair itself. And the stress that this caused the bride a few days before her wedding!

I had managed to find a liquid foundation that was comfortable to wear but I really didn't like the consistency of it and felt that it would slide off my face after a few hours. Also the color really didn't do me any favors, it was a case of having to settle for something because I had to, not because I wanted to and to think of the money I was paying for it. Your foundation is so lightweight and a perfect match for my skin tone, with or without my fake tan.I'm so grateful that I found your website and I'll continue to use your makeup for as long as I can!!!!

That was a bit long winded, sorry! I really just want to say thank you and I wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year!



Thanks for idea. I am more than happy to send my photo using your mineral makeup.
I am using Naturall Buff Foundation, Petal Pink Blush (my favourite) and and Diamond Dust Finishing Powder plus some mineral eyeliner and mineral mascara. This is how I looked on my wedding day!!!

Kind Regards,

Hi De,
Thought I'd take your challenge to send a "before & after" photo. I can always use an extra $20.;0) As scary as the "before" photo is, I had to include it because the difference is so striking.
I'm 64 and have lots of blotches, freckles and sun damage. Here's what I did:

Start with moisturizing using Balance Repair Serum and Balance Rose Hip and Hibiscus Face Cream. After that has soaked in, I used my Ultimate Concealer Brush to cover the worst spots with Light Bisque. For my foundation, I use Sand and Soft Rose. (I buy one of each and mix them in a baggie. Even buying two Mineral Silk Foundations is cheaper than one of some other mineral foundation brands, and I have twice as much) The Brown Silk Jumbo Flat Top brush is great for applying foundation, especially if you have larger pores. Next comes an overall brush with Afterglow finishing powder, applied with the large Brown Silk Kabuki brush. Then I use my BS small pointed face brush to apply Pomegranate blush. A light brushing of Pecan Pie eyeshadow over the whole lid up to the brow, Denim in the crease, then another light brushing of Pecan Pie to tone down the blue a bit, a dark shadow as eyeliner with the BR silk slant brush, then black mascara after curling the lashes. I use a blond brow powder with the brow shaper brush. (dark blond works better with gray hair then gray and is not as harsh as the dark brown that my hair used to be) A little lipstick and voila! I don't look like I have some disease.

I sent a couple of other pictures to show you what I did with all those jars. They really do collect when one likes a bit of variety in blushes and shadows. The box with the stack-able jars and the larger stack can be purchased at a craft store. I got mine at Michael's. The larger ones I use for foundation and finishing powders because the lid fits the larger brushes. The boxed set holds all my blushes, eyeshadows, brow powder and powdered liners. I love how it all takes up such a small space and when I travel, I don't have to choose which colors I should take, I can just throw the whole thing into a makeup bag.

Linnette is wearing Even Out Corrector and Mocha Foundation

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