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Mineral Concealer Brighten Up Brighten Up Concealer

Is a Pink Concealer- pale in color with a matte finish that offers a pick me up to dull looking skin.

Standard Size - 10 grams (2 tsp) powder net weight in a jar with sifter - $9.97
Sample Size - 1/4 tsp. in a jar with no sifter - $1.50
Refill Bag - Approximately 20 grams (4tsp) of powder in a sealed bag - $18.97

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Concealer Bye-Bye-Under Eye Bye-Bye-Under Eye Concealer

Is a Yellow Concealer- pale yellow in color with a matte finish for dark under eye circles, blue veins, and bruising.

Retail Price: $9.97
Even Out Corrector Even Out Corrector

A Neutral Color Concealer - My all time favorite concealer for spider veins, redness and breakouts!

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Concealer Get the Red Out Get the Red Out Concealer

A Green Concealer- pale in color with a matte finish. Great for those with birthmarks or severe redness.

Retail Price: $9.97
Hocus Pocus Corrector

Hocus Pocus has soft, silky coverage and oil absorption powers all in one powder.
This Concealer helps to correct light acne spots, thin line broken
blood vessels and light colored sun spots.  Great for those who have
oily skin as well!

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Corrector Matte Primer Matte Primer Corrector

A priming powder for those of you who battle oily skin or eyelids.

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Corrector Light or Medium Bisque Medium Bisque Corrector

Medium Bisque is for skin tones in the medium to deeper range. Need it a little darker just mix with your foundation to deepen the color. Apply with a concealer brush for specific areas or lightly apply a thin layer before your foundation application! This is one over achiever you will appreciate it!

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Corrector Suck It Up Suck It Up Corrector

Apply Suck it Up like a primer before your foundation and literally feel the oil get sucked up from your face!

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Concealer TA-DA! TA DA! Concealer

Neutral Based in color with a smooth matte finish that offers coverage and adhesion before your foundation application.

Retail Price: $9.97
Mineral Concealer The Eraser The Eraser Concealer

Named after that magical part of a Number 2 Pencil, but you don't have to rub nearly as much to get the same results!

Retail Price: $9.97