Mineral Silk Inc - About Us
Now you know who is sending you all those emails! Mineral Silk started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep.

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Mineral Silk Makeup was started in 2004 by De Nelson.

"After years of wearing heavy makeup and concealers that just irritated my skin further, a friend came across this powder foundation given to her by an Esthetician. I was extremely hesitant to try it, knowing I had tried miracle lotions, potions and makeup that claimed to make your skin look radiant and glowing. I couldn't imagine a powder covering up my acne, scars or broken blood vessels but, her skin did look good. Not only was I hesitant because of the claims it made but also by the price. This small jar of powder foundation was outrageous! We are talking $45.00 for a 8 gram jar of "magic powder". So I let her apply some to one side of my face and went on with my day. Cleaning, gardening, carpooling, chasing after kids, basically a typical day for a Mom. When I went to get ready for bed I noticed something different. My face on the side where she brushed on the makeup wasn't pink from being in the sun and it still looked, well fresh, natural and dare I say flawless! I had forgot that I even had it on, but was shocked when I washed my face and it actually seemed to lessen some of the redness from my rosacea.

Being a stay at home mom with a limited income I decided to do some research on the ingredients in the powder and found that many of the ingredients were available online. Luckily I had already had a business online and I was able to purchase the ingredients wholesale. One month later, nights of staying up mixing and measuring and multiple batches of powder thrown away.....I made myself the perfect color! I wore it for a few months and saw improvements in my skin within a few weeks. The redness from my rosacea started to fade along with the cystic acne and constant itching from chemicals and perfumes being added to my skin. Back in 2001 to 2003 I was selling Burt's Bees on my online store SkinYummies.com to make a little extra money, and back then it wasn't available in stores as it is today. LIGHT BULB, I need to make a few more colors and put it on my website!

Back in 2003 there were only 5-6 mineral makeup companies selling online. Today I can barely count how many there are but, I do know that many of them are the same makeup being sold under private labels. (Private Labeling is when a business buys pre-made makeup or other products, orders in bulk and then adds their companies sticker to the product). This is why when you are searching for the perfect makeup and you keep having the same issues, wrong color, itching, doesn't wear well etc. Mineral Silk Makeup is formulated, mixed and packaged on site, we do not buy another manufacturers makeup and label it as our own. I can tell you down to the 1/32 of a tsp. what goes in your makeup as I am the one who is mixing it!

14 years later, I am still formulating, mixing and filling. Not just Foundations, but Blushes, Concealers, Correctors, Eye Shadows and Skin Care. My Skin, well lets just say I wish I had known about this in my teens as I would have never had the scars, or damage done to my skin if I knew about this little magic powder years ago!"

Still hesitant to try Mineral Makeup? Don't be, you may be shocked with what that magic powder in a jar can do for your skin!